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English is not your first language. It is ours. This alone is not enough of a qualification. For ten years, we have worked in Germany with individuals and businesses, students and professors, scientists and medical doctors on improving the language of documents such as marketing brochures, surveys, executive presentations, technical documents, bachelor's and master's theses, publications for postdoctoral lecturer qualification (habilitation), postgraduate dissertations, book chapters, and articles. We can also help you ensure that your article or chapter meets publisher's stated standards. We know how things can get lost in translation and how even the most fluent native speaker can get bogged down by the curse of knowledge . . . and we know how to fix that.

Patrick Kilian

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You understand your topic better than we ever will. We understand what it means to love words. We work passionately for full lexical and grammatical clarity. Together with you, we will produce a document that is worthy of your name . . . and our reputation.


Editing provides an opportunity for writers and communicators to sharpen their language and elevate the impact of their work. As professional editors, we're passionate about our job and hold ourselves to high standards of accuracy, clarity, and concision. We love spending time with writers and helping turn their original thoughts into exceptional documents while maintaining their unique voice and style.

The editors at are professionals in marketing, sales, training, copywriting, and technical writing who each have over 25 years' experience dealing with academic and professional writing.

We look forward to helping you benefit from our knowledge.

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